Here are a few of the questions that we often get when talking about The Wellness Blanket. If you have a question that you do not see below feel free to reach out to us!

Where did the idea of the Wellness Blanket come from? In the 1960’s Russian scientists found that cosmonauts’ vitals were much improved and balanced while wearing palladium protective suits in space. Using this technological space age material, the powerful Wellness Blanket was created.

What is inside the Wellness Blanket? The Wellness Blanket incorporates the use of energy reflecting materials including palladium.

What can the Wellness Blanket do for me? It can help to protect against EMF’s. It may protect against viruses, balance Ph, relieve stress and pain, promote healing and sleep, and slow down aging. It may also increase performance and energy, strengthen the cardio-vascular, musculo-skeletal, and digestive systems.

Can I use the Wellness Blanket for my children? Yes! Children can benefit as they are especially sensitive to EMF’s and other health disruptions from their environment.

How do I use the Wellness Blanket? The Wellness Blanket is most effective when you are completely wrapped in the blanket, wearing cotton clothing, and while sitting or lying in a comfortable position.

How often can I use the Wellness Blanket? At the onset it is helpful to use the Wellness Blanket in thirty minute increments as some detoxing may take place. As more time is spent in the Wellness Blanket it may be used to wrap up in for all night sleeping.

How do I keep the Wellness Blanket clean? The Wellness Blanket needs to stay dry as the palladium inside becomes inactive upon becoming wet. It is advised to cover the Wellness Blanket with a cotton duvet cover. The duvet cover must be closed with buttons or ties as a zipper can interfere with the workings of the blanket. The blanket can be dry cleaned if desired.

Can I use the Wellness Blanket for my pet? Yes! Pets are particularly drawn to the Wellness Blanket. They may feel a sense of calming when sitting on or wrapped in the blanket. It can often help pets relax when disturbed by storms or other types of stress. The Wellness Blanket may also be used to calm horses.

How do I activate the Wellness Blanket? Place in direct sunlight for 15 minutes every 8 weeks to activate palladium.