Support Your Health, Strengthen Your Immune System

The Wellness Blanket can relieve stress and pain, improve sleep, protect against harmful EMF exposure, support the immune system against viruses, increase energy levels, normalize Ph, balance and restore acupuncture meridians, as well as slow down the process of aging. It also helps to strengthen musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular, circulation, and digestion systems.

Everyone Can Benefit

The Wellness Blanket is extremely helpful to those with stressful jobs.It helps athletes maximize their performance as well as speed up recovery from injuries, treatments, and surgeries.Used as a Veterinary tool, the Wellness Blanket helps to reduce pain while calming cats, dogs, and horses.

Space Age Technology in a Blanket

The Wellness Blanket consists of layers of energetic materials including palladium that can restore a body much like an infra-red sauna.  These energy-reflecting benefits originated in the 1960’s when Russian Cosmonauts’ vitals greatly improved after wearing their palladium laden protective suits in space.

To activate the Wellness Blanket, place in direct sunlight for 15 minutes every 8 weeks to activate palladium.